Di Southward

Creative Pastor, Macquarie Life Church


“A talented singer songwriter – a gifted Worship leader, Chrissie takes people on a beautiful journey into the presence of God. For the past two years Chrissie has diligently led our team of musicians, run workshops, and trained our Music Directors through her wealth of experience.”


Michael McCormack

Music Coordinator, Withcott Church of Christ


“... very impressed by the difference Chrissie made in our praise and
worship team after only four hours of working with us.”


Vic Campbell

Author, Broadcaster, Promoter


“Hard-working and accomplished, heartfelt and inspirational. This young lady has much to offer.”


Rev Greg Templeton

Senior Pastor (2003-2013), Sydenham Baptist Church


“... filled with humility and grace, Chrissie (has) an amazing ability to present worship songs that speak to our church at exactly the right time.”


Mike Rimmer

United Christian Broadcasters UK


“Acoustic yet powerful, joyful yet deep, mellow yet uplifting.”


Lloyd McLean

CYC Ministries


“Off the stage, Chrissie is the same person as when she is on it - genuine, open and friendly. She communicates well, is thorough in her preparation and genuine in her care for what we have needed.”


Corri Byrne

Pastor, Hillslife Church


“Chrissie has led worship (with us) numerous times and her passion for Jesus ignites our congregation to glorify God through song.”


Gil Clark

Pastor, Always Kingdom Church


“Chrissie’s greatest asset is her heart for God and people... highly recommended for any of your projects.” 


Joanne Dealy

Flourish Ministry to Women, Sydenham Baptist Church


“Chrissie led Worship during our annual Flourish Women’s Conference at Sydenham Baptist Church in 2014. Her ability to be able to lead a group of women into worship and to shift their focus onto God was wonderful.”