The first thing you notice, apart from her tiny frame, is the smile – warm, welcoming, calm. To talk to her, there is a quiet confidence, sincere, heartfelt, calming. And when she picks up a guitar and starts to sing, there’s that feeling like when you’re sipping warm cocoa on a cold Winter’s night, that this is the right place to sit and hear what’s being sung and shared.

Time and place have great meaning for Chrissie Pearce. Long before the current folk trends she was hewing to acoustic guitar and voice as a means to get the word out, traveling far and wide in singing and communicating the Gospel. Aided and abetted in her early days by the likes of Paul Colman/PC3, she recorded an EP of wistful songs of longing and peace, embarking on a decade and a half of itinerant performance, worship-leading, music team training and more, taking in various states of Australia and through the UK. Subsequent projects saw her working alongside Spike Avery (Sons of Korah, Peter Wallis (Hillsong), Jake Nauta and many others in a variety of writing, recording and performing opportunities.

Recent years have seen her marry, grow a family and make more recordings, including her latest collection of worship songs, ‘My Help’. Right now it’s time for Chrissie Pearce to grow and go once more – with house concerts, itinerant ministry, worship leading, performance and team development seminars all on the horizon.

She comes recommended. How can she help you and yours?